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IQAir | AirVisual Pro: Saznajte šta se nalazi u vašem vazduhu

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Praćenje kvaliteta vazduha u realnom vremenu je prvi korak u razmišljanju šta da uradite kada je vaš sobni vazduh zagađen. AirVisual Pro je najjednostavnije, personalizovano rešenje za precizno praćenje kvaliteta sobnog i lokalnog spoljašnjeg vazduha u realnom vremenu. Izuzetno lagan, prenosiv i sa intuitivnim korisničkim interfejsom, AirVisual Pro prati nivoe zagađenja PM2.5 česticama u sobnom i lokalnom spoljašnjem vazduhu koji upravo udišete, ali i nivoe CO2, vlažnosti vazduha i temperature.

Real-time air quality monitoring is the first step in thinking about what to do when your room air is polluted.

AirVisual Pro is the simplest, personalized solution for precise real-time monitoring of room and local outdoor air quality.

Extremely light, portable and with an intuitive user interface, the AirVisual Pro monitors the levels of PM2.5 particulate pollution in the room and local outdoor air you just breathe, as well as the levels of CO2, humidity and temperature.

Indoor air can be 2-5 times more polluted than outside.

Professional sensors


Advanced laser technology provides readings of the results of tiny fine particles (PM2.5) – up to 0.3 microns, but also read through other information that will always warn you of the dangers from the air.

Watch this short video to see how AirVisual Pro works and why it is better than any other air pollution meter.

For any additional information, we recommend that you take a look at this AirVisual brochure.

The most important functions of the AirVisual Pro device that will protect you from polluted air

Real-time information

Global monitoring of key air pollution parameters and live meteorological parameters.

Air quality warnings

You will be instantly alerted if the air around you has crossed the pollution limit and is therefore potentially dangerous.

7-day forecast of air pollution and meteorological conditions

Plan your outdoor activities to balance life comfort and health.

News, knowledge bases, recommendations

World-class air pollution, latest news and medical discoveries. Follow the tips and reduce your health risk.

Historical information, real-time information and air pollution forecast

Receive detailed information on key air pollutants from more than 70 countries.

World pollution map

Explore pollution indices in real time around the world, from a panoramic perspective.

Measure air quality anytime, anywhere


You can use AirVisual Pro in your home, office or when traveling. It will show the exact state of indoor and outdoor air pollution at all times.

It is equipped with a durable battery as well as an internal memory, so you can perform measurement analysis.

You can verify the accuracy of the data by comparing the results on your AirVisual Pro device with the AirVisual website and mobile application.

Smart home with always clean air


Connect your AirVisual Pro monitor to other smart devices in the house using the IFTTT protocol.

Set air quality deterioration warnings on your mobile phone and take immediate steps to prevent contact with polluted air.

Enjoy the advanced features of the AirVisual application and website


  • Monitoring home air quality while on the go
  • Warnings when your air becomes unhealthy
  • Weather forecast and expected pollution every hour
  • Air quality for all your favorite locations, both indoors and outdoors

AirVisual Earth 3D pollution map


AirVisual Earth is the first 3D map of air pollution ever. Observe the interaction of pollution with meteorological movements.

The world’s # 1 air quality monitoring application


Millions of users monitor air pollution every day via the AirVisual mobile app, using over 60,000 air quality sensors around the world.

View real-time data, historical data and air quality forecast according to expected weather conditions. Receive smart alerts and the latest information to make sure you always breathe the cleanest possible air.

IQAir air purifiers are being used in key hospitals in Wuhan since the start of the COVID-19 virus pandemic.Furthermore, since 2003. since the SARS virus epidemic, Beijing hospitals have been equipped with IQAir air purifiers to this day.

We are proud to anounce that BRAVUS d.o.o. in Serbia is the only official representative and distributor for the reputable Swiss company IQAir which has been creating air purification solutions for over 55 years.

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32.500,00 rsd