We are proud to introduce IQAir


For over 55 years, IQAir has been producing state-of-the-art air purifiers. The factories are in Switzerland and Germany.

IQAir technology is based on the best HyperHEPA H12 /13 filtersand has been proven to be effective in epidemics of SARS, MERS and COVID-19 at hospitals in Wuhan, Beijing and around the world. HyperHEPA air filtration eliminates all particles up to 0.003 microns, which are 10 times smaller than the virus. It removes bacteria, viruses, allergens, tobacco smoke, smog, pollution particles, and toxic gases.

Exclusive representative for Serbia is BRAVUS d.o.o.



IQAir air purifiers have been proven to remove all particles up to10 times smaller than the virus.

In your home

HealthPro series IQAir devices with the latest HyperHEPA filter.

In your car

Atem Car – Get rid of toxic particles exhaust engine as well as other pollutants from air in your car.

On your desk

The Atem Desk is a portable air purifier for all work areas.

In your office space, hospital, classroom

CleanZone SLS – Quietest fresh air filtration for commercial areas.

IQAir | HealthPro series

123.000,00 rsd152.000,00 rsd

IQAir | GC MultiGas

199.000,00 rsd

IQAir | Atem Desk

52.500,00 rsd

IQAir | CleanZone SL

773.000,00 rsd

IQAir | Atem Car

52.500,00 rsd

IQAir | AirVisual Pro

32.500,00 rsd